Training Workshops and Seminars

In response to the growing demand among our clients, we now offer training workshops and seminars as an extension of our services. We help train companies’ professionals and internal sales and marketing teams as well as associations’ members and merchant groups.

We will develop content entirely customized to your specific needs. You can also choose to enhance your training program with one of our already existing workshops. Among other clients, we work on a regular basis with l’Ordre des architectes, AutoValue, Association of Architects in Private Practice, Royal Architecture Institute of Canada, Rx&D, Construction Specifications Canada.


Training Workshops and Seminars

Upon request we develop training content. We can also give these training sessions whether in an in-person traditional way or via a virtual classroom.


Establishing what are your Training Needs

It is quite common for organisations to have difficulty identifying their specific training needs. They often have a vague idea of what the problems are but nothing specific. We can help you identify which areas within your organisation may benefit from our Strategic Workshops. Holding one workshop is sufficient for employees (or members) to express their needs and discuss areas for improvement.