Our services help you simplify your strategic process. We can also provide ongoing strategic support if necessary. In summary our comprehensive offer of services is designed to help you attain your strategic and business goals.


Strategic Counselling

  • Establishment of your company promise
  • Development of marketing and communications plans
  • Strategic planning and positioning
  • Identifying marketing opportunities to add value to your organisation
  • Specific approach with regard to product/ service launches
  • Project management
  • Briefing preparation
  • Establishment of communication tools that will help you meet your goals, including a Web site, social networking, advertising, etc.
  • Strategic counsel on demand (specific requests)
  • Project follow-up


Active Listening/Workshop Moderator Services

Active listening is the foundation of our approach. We sincerely believe that a vast majority of solutions can be found within your organisation. This is why we provide these services as natural complement to our consulting services:

  • Moderator during Strategic Workshops
  • Client Conversation

We initiate a conversation with your clients in order to understand how useful they think your company and products/services are, and what sets you apart. This conversation can take various forms.

  • Work Sessions Facilitation

We are often called upon to lead working sessions for specific groups such as boards, groups of merchants, associations, executive committees, etc.


The Agency before the Agency

Our experience with communications agencies and advertisers has led us to develop a customized service designed to answer some of Canadian advertisers and marketers’ most important needs. The Agency before the Agency services we offer allows organisations to better structure and organise their communications needs before hiring an agency and proceeding with advertising execution. For many of our clients, we have become the agency before the agency. Some examples of “The Agency before the Agency” services:

 Assessment of the organisation’s specific needs

  • Complete agency selection process management
  • Briefing preparation
  • Communications project management
  • Agency evaluation