What distinguishes our firm’s offer stems essentially from the simplicity of the method we apply. Thanks to the simplicity of our approach our clients are totally engaged in the planning process, and the key findings of our analysis and exercises result in the implementation of new strategies and procedures that are well received by employees. We are proud to say that the results obtained by our clients are spectacular. When you hire us you can rest assured that we will listen to the leaders of your company as well as to your clients.

Our method is simple. First we listen and then we put into use what we have learned to conduct a “think tank” exercise. Here are the steps of our method:


Strategic Workshops

We want to first take the time to listen and discuss to better understand your reality. To do this, we conduct strategic workshops. Basically a strategic workshop is a meeting – that lasts a few hours – which objective is to bring together members of your company. During a strategic workshop we lead in-depth discussions on several topics related to the strategic process of your company.

What makes the workshops so effective?

Bringing together the principles of your company and engaging them to discuss and share views on various topics make the workshops very effective. During these workshops, we talk about your challenges, objectives, positioning, clientele, communications, etc. We act as a facilitator and we ensure a climate conducive to the sharing of ideas. At the end of these workshops we retain the most inspiring strategic directions. This approach is dynamic and ensures that team members take ownership of the results. The outcome is a proposal of realistic actions that are completely aligned with your strategic process.


Conversation with Clients

At the outcome of workshops, your company’s management has identified what will serve as strategic guidance. The next step is to verify if it’s consistent with your clients’ expectations. Since your clients have a close relationship with your company (after all when they buy, they put their trust in your company and your products/services) they certainly have an idea of what sets your company apart.

We propose to launch a conversation with your clients to better understand what are their perceptions towards your company and what they expect from your brand, your commercial offer, and even what they think your positioning should be. This conversation allows us to seek areas for improvement.


Defining your Organizational Promise

Our belief is that every business has something useful to offer, something that sets it apart from its competitors. This is what we call the “promise”. A “company promise” is the expression of your company vision into a clear engagement message that is stated in one single sentence. In summary, you must explain in a short sentence what makes your offer useful and makes it stand out from the competition.

The “promise” is in fact an evolved version of the famous elevator pitch. What has changed though and makes it unique is that it takes your clients into account – since every company should be able to make a promise to its clients. Needless to say that your company can benefit from such a statement in many ways:

  • A strong promise will help your company develop stronger relationships with clients
  • It will simplify your strategic vision
  • It will rally employees behind your vision
  • It will make your requests for service and sales pitches so much easier
  • Finally, it will increase your overall business efficiency


Action Plan to support the promise
Planning Process –

The establishment of a strong promise facilitates the planning exercise for it becomes the linchpin for translating a strategic plan into actions. Once the promise is stated the challenge is to convert it into commercialization, marketing and communications tactics.