About Axel Strategies

Having nothing to say and simply imitating your competitor will lead you to failure. Each company has something useful to offer, something that sets it apart.

Axel Strategies is a consulting firm founded in 2001 to help leaders improve their thinking process. Our main areas of intervention are marketing, communication and commercialization.

Our promise to our customers is:

We simplify your strategic process to increase
your commercial efficiency.

In other words we help our clients to first acquire a clear and distinctive vision of what makes their organisation unique, and then propose solutions primarily aimed at increasing their commercial performance and efficiency.

What we can do for you

Can you summarize your business strategy in less than 35 words?

In fact the exercise goes way beyond summarizing your business strategy in a specific number of words. The objective is rather to express your strategic process in a clear message that is communicated in one short sentence. The ultimate goal of your promise sentence: convince your clients and engage all your employees.

In the whirlwind of daily operations most leaders don’t always have the time to look and find the answer to this question. If it’s the case you need someone to help you see clearly. We can help you summarize your business strategy and express your company promise.